There was a time when I felt bullied, small, less than smart and lost...I was unaware of myself.

I was naive. Walking into Ms. C’s office, I felt defeated. But then again the last year of high school will do that to you. Thinking about whether or not your grades were eligible to enter your desired university. Instead of sticking with my initial choice...University English I opted out because Ms. C—the guidance counselor told me, “University English would be too fast pace for you, you're not smart enough.” I naively believed her. Not fully aware of the box she put me in. Heck I allowed her to put me in.

My mother even asked me why I listened to someone that didn’t know me. I didn’t realize that by me opting out of University English I was making a life choice. It taught me to question adults. Just because grown ups are in a position of power doesn’t mean they have the best intention for me. This counselor heard my dream and instead of helping me achieve it, she made me feel stupid. This may not sound like a bullying but the actual definition of bullying is using superior strength or influence to intimidate someone. Trust me, I was VERY intimidated.

So after wasting a year and reflecting, I decided to go back to school and take that University English course. People laughed at me going back and taking what is known as a 'Victory Lap.' It was during my victory lap that I became more aware of myself. I changed. I became more focused on my grades & understanding how to become a better writer. By no means am I a perfect writer, I just became more intentional about my writing, seeing my end goal, and seeing my plan unfold allowed me to take control of my life.

I want young people, especially young girls like me to know that every time you were being doubted, discounted, misdirected or bullied by people older than you who counsel you not to reach for more… not to strive - ask yourself why do they want you to aim low? Don’t be naive like me, don’t waste time like I did.

You decide who you’re going to be and where you want to go.

Trust yourself, smile, and focus on your goal - focus will make you unstoppable.

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